Teosyal® Kiss


Teosyal Kiss is indicated for increasing lip volume and for the correction of moderate to deep lines at the corners of the mouth. Teosyal Kiss is injected into the lip mucosa for the treatment of the lips, and into the deep dermis for the correction of cutaneous depressions. This unique formula creates advanced volume to correct wrinkles and provide fullness.

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Teosyal Kiss is made from non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid that is highly cross-linked for better durability and stability. This injectable hyaluronic acid gel is used as a dermal filler in the lips and in the area around the them. It attracts and binds moisture within the skin, creating or restoring volume in the treatment area. With this, you can use Teosyal Kiss to increase the volume of your patient’s lips, reshape the contours of their lips, add support at the corners of their lips, offer hydration, and smooth wrinkles around your patient’s mouth.

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