HYAcorp Body Contouring MLF2


HYACorp MLF 2 is an injectable body implant made of hyaluronic acid. This transparent, viscoelastic, and biodegradable gel is ideal for sculpting many body parts like the pecs, buttocks, and calves. In addition, it can correct concave deformities and zygomatic region imperfections. This filler is manufactured by Bioscience.

Quantity Price
1 - 5 $169.00
6 - 10 $165.00
11 - 20 $162.00
21+ $160.00


Hyaluronic acid-based implants are regarded as a less invasive alternative to plastic surgery, as they can be quickly injected with minimal recovery time needed. HYACorp MLF2 can be used to safely and easily correct aesthetic imperfections such as concave deformities. The viscoelastic gel is malleable enough to be modeled and injected. Following treatment sessions, the treated areas are well-shaped and volumized.

HYACorp MLF2 is renowned for its long-lasting performance. Since the hyaluronic acid molecules in this filler are reticulated with covalent bonds, the filler is resistant to premature break down. This means that the filler can last for up to two years following implantation. This duration of action varies depending on patients’ skin health, age, and lifestyle behaviors.


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