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  • Jaydess®

    $279.00 - $299.00

    Jaydess is a hormonal intrauterine device used to prevent pregnancy. It is a small T-shaped plastic frame that carries the hormonal contraceptive levonorgestrel. The hormone is slowly released when placed in the womb. Once inserted, Jaydess can prevent pregnancy for up to 3 years or until it is removed.

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  • Depo-Provera®

    $29.00 - $35.00

    This long-acting birth control injection contains medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA), a manufactured progestin hormone. The hormone acts to help prevent ovulation, reducing the chance of pregnancy with 99% accuracy, and it can also help treat endometriosis. One injection has results that last three months.

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  • Copper TT 380 Slimline IUD

    $229.00 - $249.00

    Copper TT 380 Slimline IUD is a long-acting contraceptive device for women. It is placed in the uterine cavity, where it releases a slow and steady continuous dose of copper. This device uses copper instead of hormones to provide contraceptive effects.

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  • Alidya™

    $126.00 - $139.00

    Alidya is a powder made of amino acids and other ingredients. Inject Alidya into areas of the body with cellulite to help restructure adipose tissue, improving the look of skin. Only authorized personnel in accordance with local regulations should administer Alidya injections.

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    $579.00 - $599.00

    Aqualyx essentially works by altering the fat cell membranes. When the ultrasound is applied to the skin’s surface, the fat cells will swell and break. Subsequently, the fatty liquid released from the fat cells will drain into the body (where it is metabolized & excreted).

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  • Mirena_Front_Web
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    Mirena English

    $379.00 - $399.00

    This long-acting contraceptive is an intrauterine device (IUD) that slowly releases levonorgestrel, a manufactured hormone similar to progesterone. The hormone helps suppress ovulation, thicken cervical mucous to inhibit sperm mobility, and reduce endometrial growth, all helping to reduce the chance of pregnancy with more than 99% effectiveness. The device can help reduce the chance of unwanted pregnancy for five years but can be removed at any time.

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  • Gardasil®

    $169.00 - $189.00

    The product is a vaccine that protects against human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. Gardasil is given to males and females from 9 years of age for the prevention of genital warts and precancerous genital lesions (cervical, vulvar, and vaginal), precancerous anal lesions, cervical cancers and anal cancers caused by some oncogenic HPV types. The product appears as a white cloudy liquid (after agitation) and is supplied in 0.5ml volumes.

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  • Cervarix® 0.5ML 1 Pre-Filled Syringe

    $149.00 - $169.00

    Cervarix is a vaccine designed to prevent cervical cancers (squamous cell cancer and adenocarcinoma) caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) types 16 and 18. The vaccine works by preventing the formation of precancerous or dysplastic lesions through protecting against HPV-related infection and disease. This vaccine is recommended in females 9 to 45 years of age. Cervarix is supplied in pre-filled syringes capable of delivering a single 0.5ml dose.

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  • T-SAFE® CU 380A QL IUD

    $229.00 - $249.00

    The CuT 380A QL is a medical device that is inserted into the uterine cavity for contraceptive purposes. Once placed in the womb, this T-shaped IUD releases copper into the uterus continuously, helping to increase the levels of prostaglandins, copper ions, and white blood cells, all of which act to prevent fertilization. CuT 380A QL has a guaranteed period of contraception of up to 10 years and has a longer insertion tube for an improved position in patients with a longer uterine cavity.

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