Belkyra – Bulgarian


This injectable deoxycholic acid-based solution is a non-surgical therapy meant for improving the appearance of stubborn fat pockets, such as a double chin. This fat-dissolving treatment targets specific pockets of subcutaneous fat, making it the ideal treatment to reduce submental fat and to redefine the jawline.



How does this work to help my patients?

Patients may desire for a safer, non-surgical method in removing their chin fat. This injectable uses deoxycholic acid, which targets the cell membrane of human adipocytes. It destroys the integrity of the membrane and performs focal adipolysis. This creates a thinner and structured chin. After injection, Belkyra is absorbed into plasma before being excreted through the body’s bile acid pool.


This injectable is a solution that helps to remove the accumulated submental fat. Using deoxycholic acid, it dissolves the fat cells using natural body occurrences such as phagocytic consumption. The process is minimally invasive and only requires a series of injections, without resorting to any invasive surgical procedures.



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