Teosyal® Meso


Teosyal Meso is indicated for the prevention of wrinkles and dehydration of the face, neck and neckline. Thanks to its marked fluidity and its viscoelastic properties, Teosyal Meso diffuses uniformly into cutaneous tissue, maintaining natural levels of hydration and reinforcing the dermis. Teosyal Meso is biodegradable and is slowly absorbed into the skin over time. Because of this, it is a long-lasting but not permanent form of treatment.

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Teosyal Meso is made of non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid, a major constituent of skin tissue that possess significant water-binding properties which aid in hydration. When injected into the skin, Teosyal Meso diffuses uniformly into the dermal tissue, where it restructures weakened skin and provides moisture. As a result, the skin is rejuvenated and revitalized, looking younger, softer, and more radiant.

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