SYNVISC® 3x2ml


Synvisc is a sterile, non-pyrogenic, elastoviscous fluid containing hylan. Hylan is a derivative of hyaluronan, which is responsible for the elastoviscosity of synovial fluid in the joints. With this, Synvisc injections may be used as a temporary replacement and supplement for synovial fluid.

Synvisc achieves its therapeutic effect through viscosupplementation, a process whereby physiological and rheological states of the arthritic joint tissues are restored. Viscosupplementation with Synvisc decreases joint pain and discomfort, allowing more extensive movemen

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Osteoarthritis is characterized by the breakdown of hyaluronic acid in the joints’ synovial fluid. Known for the lubrication and cushioning of the joints, this substance causes the bones in the joints to rub together as it diminishes. As this occurs, pain, inflammation, and decreased mobility are experienced, severely affecting the patient’s overall quality of life.

When injected into the joints, Synvisc replaces this lost hyaluronic acid and cushions the joints to prevent bones from rubbing together. This reduces inflammation and pain, offering much-wanted relief. With this, Synvisc may also help delay knee or other osteoarthritis-related surgeries, allowing your patients to continue with life as usual.

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