Stylage® XL with Lidocaine


Stylage XL with Lidocaine is an injectable dermal gel developed by Laboratoires Vivacy for the treatment of facial volume loss. This formulation is designed especially to correct aesthetic defects in the face caused by diminished volume, adding plumpness to the cheekbones and cheeks, redefining the facial contours, and filling hollow temples. This gel is formulated with the antioxidant mannitol to increase its durability, as well as lidocaine, whose anesthetic effects provide added patient comfort.

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Stylage XL with Lidocaine adds volume to skin tissue through the action of its primary ingredient, hyaluronic acid. When implanted into the skin, the water-binding properties of hyaluronic acid cause the tissue to plump up, filling wrinkles and adding volume to the treated area. This action leaves the face looking fuller and redefines any contours of the face that may have been lost with age. What’s more, the antioxidative properties of mannitol prevent the breakdown of hyaluronic acid in the skin, prolonging the duration of Stylage XL with Lidocaine in the facial tissue. This makes the results last longer when compared with other dermal filler brands.

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