Stylage® M with Lidocaine


Stylage M with Lidocaine is a cross-linked hyaluronic gel, non-animal in origin, which incorporates an antioxidant (mannitol), is sterile and apyrogenic, with physiological pH and osmolarity. It is packed in a 1ml prefilled syringe and sterilized by moist heat autoclaving. Stylage M with Lidocaine should be given by deep to middle dermal injection, or in the lips in the area of the wrinkle or cutaneous defect to be treated, where it will generate volume to fill the injected area. Stylage M with Lidocaine will then be slowly resorbed over a period of time. Indicated for filling average to deep wrinkles, by injection into mid to deep dermis of the face and/or enhancing lip outlines and lip volume.

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The dermal filler Stylage M with Lidocaine is made from the ingredients hyaluronic acid 20mg/g and mannitol. The hyaluronic acid in Stylage M with Lidocaine is highly cross-linked through Vivacy’s IPN-Like® Technology to make it denser and more robust, lasting longer before breaking down within your patient’s skin. As you inject Stylage M with Lidocaine into your patient’s mid to deep dermis, the hyaluronic acid plumps up within your patient’s skin to smooth wrinkles or add volume to reshape your patient’s features. Meanwhile, the antioxidant Mannitol in Stylage M with Lidocaine helps to prevent the hyaluronic acid from breaking down while protecting your patient’s skin from free radicals.

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