Stylage® L


Stylage L is a cross-linked hyaluronic gel, non-animal in origin, which incorporates an antioxidant (mannitol), is sterile and apyrogenic, with physiological pH and osmolarity. Stylage L is an injectable implant indicated for filling deep to very deep wrinkles and/or for volume restoration (cheeks, contours of the face, cheekbones) by deep dermal injection in the face. Stylage L can also be used in techniques for rejuvenating the hands by sub-cutaneous injection in the back of the hand. Stylage L should be given by deep dermal injection in the area of the wrinkle or cutaneous defect to be treated, where it will generate volume to fill the injected area. It will be slowly resorbed over time. As precision is essential to a successful treatment, the product must be used by medical practitioners who have undertaken specific training in injection techniques for filling.

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Stylage L is made from 24mg/g hyaluronic acid that has been highly cross-linked through Vivacy’s patented IPN-Like® Technology. This makes the hyaluronic acid particles denser and more robust, lasting longer within your patient’s skin. When you inject Stylage L into your patient’s deep dermis, the hyaluronic acid particles plump up beneath the skin, filling and smoothing the deep wrinkles and facial folds. At the same time, the hyaluronic acid encourages the growth of collagen, improving the skin structure. Stylage L also contains the antioxidant mannitol, which helps to protect your patient’s skin from free radical damage, making the hyaluronic acid last longer before breaking down naturally within the skin.

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