Revanesse® Pure


Revanesse Pure is a biorevitalizing solution that is composed of 14mg/ml of non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid. The hygroscopic feature of this filler makes it perfect to deeply hydrate skin while restoring its firmness and elasticity. While most hyaluronic acid injectables add volume to the skin for filling wrinkles, Revanesse Pure uses minimal volume to plump and smooth fine facial lines effectively and improve the look of aging skin. This filler is designed by a Canadian pharmaceutical company, Prollenium Medical Technologies Incorporation.

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1 - 5 $195.00
6 - 10 0.51 % $194.00
11 - 20 1.03 % $193.00
21+ 1.54 % $192.00


This injectable gel is made of pure hyaluronic acid which is not cross-linked. This lack of cross-linking helps the gel distribute evenly within the superficial dermis to restore moisture without excess volume. Once you inject this hyaluronic acid-rich solution into your patient’s skin, the implant holds moisture to restore skin hydration and deliver subtle volume, resulting in smoothing of fine facial line.

The initial treatment requires 4 monthly sets of injections, followed by maintenance treatments after that to maintain the results. The necessity of touch-up injections vary on an individual basis, depending on their skin health, age, lifestyle, and the amount of filler injected. The manufacturer does not provide longevity data on single treatments.

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