Radiesse® 1.5ml


Radiesse has a standard luer fitting and is packaged in a foil pouch. This injectable subdermal implant is completely biodegradable, non-pyrogenic, latex-free, cohesive, and semi-solid, and it has been steam sterilized. The Radiesse gel eventually dissipates and is replaced by soft tissue, leaving behind the calcium hydroxylapatite, giving the patient non-permanent yet long-term augmentation or restoration of their dermal structure.

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1 - 5 $245.00
6 - 10 4.08 % $235.00
11 - 20 6.12 % $230.00
21+ 8.16 % $225.00


Radiesse , formerly known as Radiance in some countries, is an injectable gel containing microsphere particles of calcium hydroxylapatite, which is similar to a substance naturally found in bone. This volumizing dermal filler immediately adds volume and lift to your patient’s skin to tighten the skin and smooth out wrinkles as well as fill in facial depressions. Radiesse also gets to work acting as a scaffold to encourage collagen growth and build up the structure of the skin, making its effects last longer than the initial boost of volume. Even as the Radiesse particles disappear from the skin, your patient’s natural collagen remains.

Your patients should notice a difference in facial volume immediately after their first Radiesse cosmetic treatment. Patients who purchase Radiesse treatments usually experience the increased facial volume for about a year and Radiesse can last up to 2 years.

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