Botox 100 Units English Alternative


Botox 100U is a trusted dermal filler designed to treat a number of concerns that your patients may have, including wrinkles, sweating, and muscle disorders. With this treatment available at your clinic, you will be able to provide anti-aging treatments, along with medical treatments, using one multifunctional injectable.

Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 5 $379.00
6 - 10 2.64 % $369.00
11 - 20 3.96 % $364.00
21+ 5.28 % $359.00


Botox 100U is a widely recognized injectable with top of the line wrinkle-fighting power. This one-of-a-kind solution, derived from natural sources, has a wide range of benefits for aesthetic and medical purposes. Botox 100U can be used to diminish the look of glabellar lines, the vertical lines between the eyebrows that spread to the forehead, and other deep wrinkles causing your patients to look older. Plus, this injectable can treat muscle disorders, migraines, and reduce excess sweating. Not only will your patients look younger, but they can also benefit from living a happier and healthier life with Botox 100U treatments.


The Clostridium botulinum toxin type A complex helps to temporarily pause the release of acetylcholine which in turn prevents muscle movement. When the muscles beneath the skin are relaxed, the wrinkles on the surface appear smoother, suspending the onset of wrinkle-formation. For muscle disorders, temporarily immobilizing the muscles can help to reduce the risk of painful spasms. Likewise, in the case of sweating, this toxin blocks the nerve signal that triggers a sweat gland to manage your patient’s excess sweating where needed.

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