Bocouture® 50U


Bocouture blocks nerve signals to temporarily paralyze muscles and is used to treat the appearance of glabellar lines and crow’s feet in adults. Before injecting Bocouture, reconstitute 50 units in 1.25ml unpreserved sodium chloride 9mg/ml (0.9%) solution. Only health-care professionals with experience injecting Botulinum toxin should use Bocouture, and the doctor will determine the optimum dosage and number of injection sites based on the individual patient. Due to differences in the LD50 assay, Bocouture units are not applicable to other Botulinum toxin preparations.

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Bocouture, also known as Xeomin, contains Clostridium Botulinum neurotoxin type A. This is the same active ingredient in other products such as Botox and Dysport. However, Bocouture has been purified to remove complexing proteins, which means it is less likely to cause an immune reaction. If the body does not have an immune reaction, it will not produce antibodies that make the drug less effective over time. For this reason, many doctors switch to Bocouture when Botox starts to become less effective after many uses, sometimes called “Botox burnout.”

Bocouture is a freeze-dried white powder contained in a single-use glass vial. The product comes with a product information leaflet.

Some types of wrinkles and creases form with repeated facial expressions, such as smiling or frowning. As the muscles related to these facial expressions contract they can start to form wrinkles on the skin’s surface. When you inject Bocouture into your patient’s facial muscles, it prevents acetylcholine from delivering signals from the nerves to the muscles, temporarily paralyzing the muscles. With the muscles paralyzed after a Bocouture injection, they cannot contract to form creases and wrinkles and the appearance of the wrinkles gradually diminishes.

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